1 04 2013

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Beth Lapin's A to Z Blog 2019

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»         Smell out trouble before seeing it

»         Root around to find solutions

»         Find lost objects

Sensing a problem before it becomes one gives us time to prepare, perhaps even nip it in the bud. It allows us the opportunity to confront a situation with a clear mind, instead of muddled thinking that often comes during a difficult situation.

Then, with an open mind, we can consider a range of options, instead of our standard reaction when confronted by a crisis. We might be able to explore new solutions, ideas we wouldn’t normally consider.

When an anteater focuses on its best sense, smell, it avoids distraction and efficiently finds its food, mates, and other needs. If we were able to focus our thoughts in a similar way, we would likely live our life with more purpose.

Have you ever used this type of focus to remember where…

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