Move beyond the ‘interesting’ aspects of nature to see the magic, mystery, and majesty. ~Eckhart Tolle

HealingNature. In our hectic world, discover the calming benefit of nature.  It can provide balance and centering, healing and solace during difficult times.

HealingNature. With appreciation of and respect for the natural world, we  explore what small steps we can take to give back.

After my husband died, I took a long walk through the park across the street from the hospital. It began to rain and I continued walking to clear my mind. ~Marti

I work with someone who always uses nature as her refuge. She is really high strung and sets way too high expectations for people, so they always disappoint her.  And nature never does. ~RR

…I used to walk in the woods along trails and admire the beauty that not too many people notice. It made me feel energized and more at peace with myself, knowing there is a God, which enabled me to feel a healing touch. ~James

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29 09 2012
Jim Mahoney

The purpose of our journey in this life is to fully express the God essence that is the truth of what we are. We are naturally drawn to God in perfect expression. We are drawn to nature because nature is God in perfect expression AS nature. —- Jim

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