Fort Trumbull State Park

25 10 2020

I like the mixture of history and views of the river that are available at this site.

I enjoy watching the Coast Guard’s Barque Eagle and cadets going about their chores. Compare this to the daily folk coming to fish at the pier.

The state park is a vast improvement to the disarray that had hidden its historic and natural features prior to state acquisition.

(This is part of the DEEP Sky’s the Limit 2020 challenge which encourages us to get outdoors.)

Harkness State Park

18 10 2020

From March through August, I sheltered in Southeastern Connecticut and walked here daily.

It was definitely part of my strategy to maintain mental health! Harkness is probably the most photogenic park I’ve ever seen.

This section of the trail is dedicated to Dr. Bill Niering, Connecticut College, with whom I took botany. He was an awesome, unassuming man who inspired many.

I still come to this area, even though my sheltering days have ended.

(This is part of the DEEP Sky’s the Limit 2020 challenge which encourages us to get outdoors.)

CT DEEP Sky’s the Limit 2020

12 10 2020

You may recall that my friend Cherry and I participated in the Connecticut DEEP‘s Sky’s the Limit challenge over the last few years. This year, due to COVID, this challenge was not offered until October 5. Cherry has decided to not participate this year, but I am going to try to march forward.

The 2020 challenge encourages us to get outdoors and experience locations, preferably close to home. By the end of December, we are to visit:

  • three state parks,
  • three state forest, and
  • three blue blazed trails

We are to photograph ourselves at a sign that indicates the location, and write 50 words about why we went there and what we liked about it (sort of sounds like fourth grade, but I’m OK with that).

I intend to post here the sites that I am including in this challenge, not in any order of visitation or on the days of their visit.

I encourage anyone else to participate, either officially or unofficially, in Connecticut or any other state. Get out, get hiking, stay safe.