Venice and beyond

26 01 2012

Want to experience something new? Come read my travelogue about our recent trip to Italy and Slovenia: 2012 Italy (and Slovenia)

Heber Woods revisited

25 01 2012

“Happy New Year,” Cherry and I exclaimed simultaneously as we met at Wade’s Country Market in Deep River for our next round of hiking at Cockaponset. She got into my car and we set off for the trailhead on Route 145. We started on the green trail that hugged the northern perimeter of this parcel. At 40 degrees and cloudy, it was significantly cooler than yesterday but still above average for the end of January. Check out the rest at: Beth Lapin’s Cockaponset Blog

To Say Goodbye Cover

8 01 2012

I have an official cover for my first novel, coming out in February! I’m very excited. Take a look–To Say Goodbye. Let me know what you think–I’d love to hear.