21 03 2022

May we have sunny days and peaceful evenings of gentle rain.

May healthy things grow strong and those who are in need of healing improve.

May the world find peaceful ways to deal with differences.

Nehantic State Forest

29 11 2020

I read that the Nehantic Forester has worked with Professor Bob Askins (Connecticut College) to enhance this area for birds and I was intrigued. I’d worked with Bob Askins many years ago on the Haley Farm area, so I wanted to come to this area.

The views of Uncas Lake were beautiful, making me wish I’d had my kayak with me.

(This is part of the DEEP Sky’s the Limit 2020 challenge which encourages us to get outdoors.)

Nayantaquit Trail

22 11 2020

This trail, In Lyme, is a loop trail that has some ups and downs.

The fall beauty was lovely and rock formations were interesting.

Lots of mushrooms after our recent rains, also.

(This is part of the DEEP Sky’s the Limit 2020 challenge which encourages us to get outdoors.)

Welcome to 2020: the year of clear vision

1 01 2020


Welcome to the year 2020. Let it be a year of clear vision, not of hindsight nor of foresight, but in the present.

Let us remember as we stand at the ocean that it’s not the Atlantic or the Pacific or whatever other names we as humans have given them. The ocean is endless and it connects us all.

Let us remember that the air that we breathe circulates around the globe. The molecules we inhale may have come from Africa, or Antarctica, or Alaska, or Aruba.

Let us remember that the oxygen we breathe is here because plants convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into animal life-giving oxygen we inhale. It is a global cycle that allows life to continue on earth.

Let us remember to see the interconnections between us and everything else.

Let the year 2020 be a year of clear vision.

{with thanks to M2 for the inspiration]

Moving to BethLapin.com

14 11 2019

Much of the info that’s been posted here at HealingNatureCT will be moved to BethLapin.com

If you are following this blog, you may wish to sign up there also.



Mohawk Mountain SF, Cornwall, CT

15 10 2019

DEEP Sky’s the Limit hike — only two more for 2019!!

Beautiful day, nice foliage.

Lunch at the Goshenette; we forgot we ate there once before… we can try somewhere else next time.

Coming down to the finish line

Pachaug State Forest, Voluntown CT

1 10 2019

DEEP Sky’s the Limit site:

Lunch at Parke’s Place, Ledyard
Freshly boned cod,corned beef sliced onsite

Our tenth Sky’s the Limit hike for 2019!

15 08 2019


We’re Baaaack!

20 03 2019


Barn Island donor monumentCherry and I started the 2019 DEEP Sky’s the Challenge on March 18, 2019. Our first stop: Barn Island. Beautiful day, gorgeous views.

Barn Island Impoundment 2

And a yummy lunch at Mystic Market (many other places were closed because it was off season and Monday)

Mystic market

2018 Sky’s The Limit Finale

15 01 2019

Hiking stick and medallion.JPGCherry and I received our rewards for participating the DEEP’s Sky’s the Limit Challenge. We earned a beautiful hand-carved walking stick, DEEP medallions, and certificates of completion.

The list of sites for 2019 will be out in mid-February. Will we do this again? Let’s see!!