To Say Goodbye


After another divorce, Maia blames herself, her consistent reaction since her father vanished during her childhood. Ben questions his ability to satisfy another, after his wife’s recent disappearance. Introduced by their dogs, Ben and Maia sense relationship potential. Can attraction for each other move them beyond limitations? For more details, click here.

COD postcard cover draftCaravan of Dreams


On May 28, 1896, Victoria Williams was found dead on the railroad tracks in East Hartford. According to the newspaper, her husband, king of the gypsies, had died recently. Horse Travelers examines Victoria’’s childhood in the English countryside, trans-Atlantic voyages, arranged marriage, and uneasy rise to affluence as a Civil War profiteer. Troubled by family tragedies and conflict between her traditions and American culture, is her death a suicide or accident? For more details, click here.

Maggie’s Gift

First Prize Winner of the 1999 John W. Paton storytelling contest, Russell Library. Middletown, CT    974.66 JOH 1999. For an excerpt, click here.

Technical publications cover topics ranging from a trial guide to scientific journal articles.  For details, click here.

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