Maggie’s Gift

We were both single moms, struggling through the financial challenges of raising kids and balancing their needs, our needs, work, and such.  It was early December, which is a stressful time, with holidays, gift expectations, and extra demands on our limited time and resources.

“I am just beat, “ said Maggie one day on the phone, “from the running around.”

I agreed.  I had two part-time jobs and my teen-age daughter constantly needed a ride to basketball practice or games or friends’ houses.  I loved her sociability and athletic skills, but it was a daily challenge to juggle her rides with my work schedule.

“And the money is too tight, “ said Maggie.  “I’ve had my third notice from the gas company and I just don’t know where the money will come from.”

We hung up and the image of Maggie and her two girls stayed in my mind.  I didn’t make much money, but I am very frugal, a good ‘swamp Yankee.’   I have savings for my daughter’s college, savings for my old age, savings for house payments, and monthly emergency accounts.  I inherit my clothes from generous friends who have outgrown their things and from an industrious 85 year old aunt who sews.  I think very hard about what I do with my money and can talk myself out of almost any purchase because ‘I don’t really need it.’  So it was a major step for me to consider that maybe I could send Maggie some money to help with her heating crisis.



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