Workshops and Classes

HealingNature Basic: A four-week series that introduces us to the benefits of nature and explores how we can give back. Using local parks, we will experience a range of relaxation and reflective activities to discover which we prefer. Accessible to any activity level.

HealingNature Active Basic:  similar to above but includes one to two miles of hiking and activity. Open to those who maintain a regular walking regime.

HealingNature Weekly Practice: just as other routines benefit from regular practice, HealingNature activities are best maintained through continued use. Open to those who have completed at least one four-week series.

Individualized Sessions

Based on individual goals, sessions can range from 1.5 hours to half-day or full-day programs that are geared toward an individual’s strengths and needs. Especially beneficial to those dealing with loss or life changes. Currently available in Middletown, CT

One response

1 06 2019
Jessica Bardo

I am currently looking for an provider for my 11 year old daughter. We know that her being connected to nature is going to be essential for her well being. Do you work with would be willing to work individually with a child on and on going basis. Or do you know how I could find someone that works with children in your field.

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