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30 08 2012

Hey Beth!
Congratuations on this endeavor!

30 08 2012
Beth Lapin

Hey, Tanja, Thanks!

5 09 2020
Jennifer Perry

Hi Beth my name is Jennifer Perry maiden name Squires. I have working on finding things about my father side of the family – since I never met my dad or any of his family. I had been given a article About prince Williams which let me to your book Caravan of Dreams. I have just started reading it – loving it! . I see that is based on historical records. I have found that Victoria and prince are my 3 times great grandparents – there daughter Emma was my two times and Emma’s son Noah was my grandfather and his son Richard was my dad.
I want to learn more so:
1. How accurate is the story?
2. Can anyone look at these records? If yes where are they?
3. Are you related also?
Thank you

10 04 2021
Paola maina

I heard you do salamander walks. My son and I have been trying to find a salamander for years! (He’s not quite 6).

Do you know where we might find some? We live in Middletown.

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