Cherry and Beth’s hiking adventures

20 05 2012

Cherry and I hiked on Friday for the first time in months. We got rained out of a previous date and then Cherry’s sister had eye surgery, so she wasn’t available. But Friday, sunny with a cool start, was a perfect day for an excursion. We decided to drop frustrating Cockaponsett, at least for a while, and explore Field Forest, owned by Connecticut Forest & Park Association, in Durham.

Wearing newly-delegated-to-hiking pants, Cherry explained her hairdresser had found a tick a few weeks prior, so she was wearing lighter pants. (Interestingly, I discovered a tick the following day on my left calf at my sock line.) Off we went, with much to discuss.

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Healing Power of Nature: new class offering

11 05 2012


Healing Power of Nature: new class offering.

Lady slippers

9 05 2012

How do you feel when you see these beauties?

Lady slippers.

In Retrospect: A to Z Blogging Challenge

7 05 2012

How was it to participate and COMPLETE the April A to Z Blogging Challenge? Take a peek:

In Retrospect: A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Entering contest

6 05 2012

I’m going to enter my gypsy story into the “Dear Lucky Agent” contest.

HealingNatureCT workshops in June

5 05 2012


Do you miss that peaceful feeling you get from spending time outside?  Would you like to be inspired by nature? Are you interested in advocating for nature’s creatures? Join a four-class session, HealingNature, offered through the Park & Middletown Recreation Department for an introduction to ecotherapy to help us balance ourselves through connections with nature.Check out HealingNatureCT workshops in June.


2 05 2012

Last but not least.