16 02 2018


Growing up in New London, we were taught the story of Benedict Arnold, his burning of the town, and the slaughter in Groton across the river, year after year. I thought our teachers were a bit self-aggrandizing until I heard Eric Lehman’s presentation on his new book, Homegrown Terror: Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London. Lehman dramatically analyzes Arnold’s motives for his change in allegiance from the newly emerging United States back to England. Perhaps he was not a true traitor, but apparently Arnold was driven purely by greed, not conviction or values, to betray many friends and colleagues. This is a well-documented portrayal of events during this time.



Setting the Stage:  What We Do, How We Do It, and Why is a combination text book and memoir by David Hays, a prolific stage designer and founder of the National Theater for the Deaf. An engaging storyteller, Hays shares tips and mistakes to those interested in theater.

Both books are published by Wesleyan Press.

Heber Woods revisited

25 01 2012

“Happy New Year,” Cherry and I exclaimed simultaneously as we met at Wade’s Country Market in Deep River for our next round of hiking at Cockaponset. She got into my car and we set off for the trailhead on Route 145. We started on the green trail that hugged the northern perimeter of this parcel. At 40 degrees and cloudy, it was significantly cooler than yesterday but still above average for the end of January. Check out the rest at: Beth Lapin’s Cockaponset Blog