Mourning doves

23 02 2012
Photo: K. Hammerson

Ooh-ah-coo-coo-coo! It’s spring. Well, at least the mourning doves are at it, with males defending territories and enticing their lifelong partner for a little fun. Since they eat primarily seeds and feed their young pigeon milk and predigested matter, they can get an early start.
Certainly our mild winter give them an edge, too. Today it’s in the fifties, sunny, and almost balmy. The mail carrier was covering her route in short-sleeves.
By no means do I think I have enough clout in the world to make much of an impact, but I did my part to bring about this unseasonable winter. I bought several snow shovels, as mine had been hammered into oblivion during last winter’s barrage. And, for the first time in decades, I did NOT hang my snow banner. For as long as I can remember, I have ceremoniously replaced my summer flags with one large blue one, filled with large white snowflakes. This year, I rebelled, as just the sight of it made my shoulders ache.
Perhaps it helped! Spring: I’m ready for ya! Bring it on.



3 responses

23 02 2012

I am holding you personally responsible for the unusual winter! Seriously, it really IS nice to break tradition. Love your words – keep them coming!Bryna

23 02 2012

That's a big responsibility! But thanks for the feedback.Beth

24 02 2012

A midday walk on what felt much like a summer day, followed by reading your enjoyable note with a smile, confirms that spring is safely almost here – I hope! I heard the doves calling one morning last week and had to open the windows just to be sure. Perhaps it is OK that the daffodils have poked up already, they must have heard the doves calling, too! Thanks for your message – look forward to reading more! –Alan

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