The River and the Lake

27 01 2017


January 27, 2017

While I am waiting for my daughter’s appointment to begin, I notice a box of Earth Magic Oracle cards (Steven D. Farmer) and begin to fiddle with the deck. I shuffle and move the cards around and, eventually, one of them flies out of the pile onto my lap. I pick it up: RIVER, movement. My daughter is called into her appointment and I head out to the local state park, where I usually go for the hour and a half that she’s busy. If I’d had any hesitations in walking on this windy, cold day, they were quashed by the fortuitous oracle card; the park covers hundreds of acres that include a scenic river.

I walk the direct route to the new boat launch, all the while singing river songs. “River, take me along” (Bill Staines), “I was born by the river” (Sam Cooke), and finally, “Let’s go down to the river to pray,” (a traditional song popularized in O Brother, Where Art Thou). I think about the card’s text that encourages movement. I certainly have been stagnating in one section of my life and recently decided to move on. I consider the card an affirmation of that choice. But the card’s words also discourage forcing the issue. We need to flow more like the river, enjoying the scenery along the way, not letting our egos drive what is happening.


I return to pick up my daughter, who is not yet finished, so I pull out the deck once more to review the RIVER card and I notice another card sitting on the floor. When and how did that get there? I pick it up: LAKE, stillness. I can suddenly feel peace and relaxation moving through my body and I sit more centered in the chair. “No matter if the noise is from your environment or your seemingly nonstop thinking, it is critical for you to seek stillness.” Yes, I had found that on my walk. When I had arrived at the river, after the cawing of the crows, it had been quiet. And I had become still and I felt myself expanding and opening while standing on the river’s edge.


So, it’s really all about balance. Between the movement and stillness. Appearing to be opposites, but actually working together. If I begin with Stillness and get connected with my inner self and how I’m linked to the rest of the living beings in this world, then I know my purpose. When I know why I’m here, I can then take action, make Movements that support my raison d’etre, and actually help with the flow and progression of what is good and meaningful in this world.

The River and the Lake.
Movement and Stillness.
Bring them on!



4 responses

27 01 2017
Beth Lapin

Reblogged this on Beth Lapin.

28 01 2017
Susan Scott

Beautiful photographs and post Beth, capturing the stillness and the movement … and the action that follows …

29 01 2017
Beth Lapin

Thank you, Susan. It’s been lovely to be inspired and allow these words to flow through me

25 05 2017
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