Windsor Locks Canal Trail and East Windsor Friendly’s

5 06 2017

May 24, 2017

Windsor Locks Canal viewThe weather isn’t great, but it is better than we’d been having, so Cherry and I set off for the Windsor Locks Canal Trail which runs parallel to the Canal and Connecticut River. We park at the abandoned factory and walk north along the canal, built in the 1800s to bypass Enfield Rapids. The initial section is fairly industrial but we have lots to share, so the surroundings don’t matter as much.

Cherry’s been busy with family and projects. All good stuff, some a little stressful, but overall, she’s got a good balance. She says that she and her stepmother spent Mother’s Day at Pond House in Elizabeth Gardens, which was lovely, for example. She stops to tie her boot, an expected ritual on our hikes.

Windsor Locks Canal goose familyAs we continue northerly, we enjoy seeing several families of geese, signs of beaver, and lovely views of the Connecticut River. We pass several walkers and bicyclists, including one woman training a Shephard for K-9 work.   We go about two miles, to the Stony Brook Aquaduct, where we sit for a few minutes on a strategically placed bench. Someone had written lyrics (Van Morrison’s Moonsdance, Blue Jean Blues, Little Feat) on the bridge pillars. By then, the sun is peaking out and we head back to the car.

Windsor Locks Canal lockI talk about trying to find my balance, now that many things in my life are stable. I’ve taught an ecotherapy class at UCONN that went well, I’m winding down at the Middletown Arts Office, and want to start putting my usual activities back into my life. Some interesting whispers have come my way, and I am interested to see what develops from any of them.

And before we realize, we are back at the car. It’s a short ride to the East Windsor Friendly’s, where we hit the jackpot when it came to our waitress, Anna.  She was genuinely pleasant, telling us she’d rather be at work than home where she’d either be spending too much money or eating too much. We ordered a fishamajig (boy, adding those calories on the menu really gets us thinking) and a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, of course leaving room for our sundae.

East Windsor Friendlys

“Can I offer you the senior discount if you ladies are old enough?” asked Anna. She won Cherry’s heart for sure! Toward the end of our visit, Cherry told her about our Hiking to Friendly’s quest. Anna asked where we’d hiked and it turns out she walks the canal trail every day. Noticing my turtle necklace, she asked if we’d seen any wildlife and we compared notes.

They were out of their special sundae, so we had forbidden chocolate with hot fudge. Cherry kept licking her spoon. “I don’t want it to end,” she laughed. As we walked/waddled to the car, we both agreed that this Friendly’s experience was one of the best.



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