Beyond the Horizon

27 11 2017

Beyond the HorizonI am drawn to the opening of Beyond the Horizon, landscapes by Ashby Carlisle and Rick Silberberg, because it is being held in a building designed by Sol LeWitt, whose work I’d seen recently at Mass MoCA. Once inside The Main Street Gallery in Chester, I am impressed by the crowds and enthusiastic response to the artists. I overhear one woman say to another, “Look at this trio of paintings, reasonably priced. You could get the group of them.” Although the price list is above my means, as I walk around, I am tempted.

At the reception, there is the requisite wine, cheese/crackers, dips, and jazz duo. Carlisle’s work calls to me; the nature scenes are simple upon initial view but more complex as I scrutinize them. Paper collage, wire, soldered or rolled paper buds; suggestion of movement, weather, pain or joy. Pastels suggesting sunsets or rises, water, sky. Cleverly disguised wire holders that merge into the piece to provide horizons, the edge between land and water or water and air. Paper bits with words or letters or perhaps even computer code, only discernable upon close inspection.

I overhear a conversation among three women about aging wisely, and join in. One well-dressed woman explains she’s part of a discussion group using the book by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal. She and I chat; she’s just celebrated her 82nd birthday and I congratulate her. She’s here as a friend of Silberberg and owns one of his pieces but would like to meet Carlisle. I introduce them, although I’ve never met Ashby before (I recognize her from the pre-event publicity). Ashby and I continue talking as our octogenarian moves on. Turns out her husband is one of the musicians; she’s moved her studio to New London, my home town, so I sense our connection growing.

I hear my name and a friend has arrived so I mingle; turns out Diane has sung with one of the musicians and I tell her that’s Ashby’s husband, which she didn’t realize. Here we are, making lovely, connecting loops between my worlds. I do love how life flows when we let it!

This show continues through January 26, 2018, Monday through Friday, 10am-3pm. The Main Street Gallery, 55 East Kings Highway, Chester, CT



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