The Big Reveal! and Farm River State Park

13 03 2018

Cherry and I met last week to figure out our next adventure. After considering several options, we decided to go with: ta-da, ta-da—

CT DEEP’s 2018 Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge!!

Designed to promote hiking in Connecticut’s State Park and Forests, this year’s list includes fourteen “lesser known trails.”

So we started with Farm River State Park

Here are our mandatory shots for  verifying our visitation at this site:


Check out the great views and sundial in this small “pocket park.”


After the short hike, we went to Gutiz, a local Ecuadarian Restaurant. Excellent food and interesting atmosphere.


Hope you’ll keep up with us as we travel around CT to view these lesser known areas.



3 responses

13 03 2018
Beth Lapin

Reblogged this on HealingNatureCT and commented:

If you are interested in getting out to CT’s open spaces, consider joining DEEP’s Sky’s the Limit challenge:

13 03 2018
Robb Evans

I am glad you found a new challenge. You should be able to do all 14 before kayaking season starts (if the snow melts). But then you would need to find a new challenge (a good thing). Keep up the good work enjoying the outdoors in CT.

13 03 2018
Beth Lapin

Ha, at our normal pace of one each month, this will take awhile!!

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