Welcome to 2020: the year of clear vision

1 01 2020


Welcome to the year 2020. Let it be a year of clear vision, not of hindsight nor of foresight, but in the present.

Let us remember as we stand at the ocean that it’s not the Atlantic or the Pacific or whatever other names we as humans have given them. The ocean is endless and it connects us all.

Let us remember that the air that we breathe circulates around the globe. The molecules we inhale may have come from Africa, or Antarctica, or Alaska, or Aruba.

Let us remember that the oxygen we breathe is here because plants convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into animal life-giving oxygen we inhale. It is a global cycle that allows life to continue on earth.

Let us remember to see the interconnections between us and everything else.

Let the year 2020 be a year of clear vision.

{with thanks to M2 for the inspiration]



10 responses

1 01 2020
Beth Lapin

Reblogged this on Beth Lapin's A to Z Blog 2019.

1 01 2020
Susan Scott

simply profound Beth, thank you … may year 2020 be the year of plenty plenty – of all the good and the best and the true ..

1 01 2020
Beth Lapin

I love “plenty plenty” — thanks!

1 01 2020
Ana L. Gomez

Always so insightful and you leave us much to think about. Happy New Year, Beth!

1 01 2020
Beth Lapin


1 01 2020

I totally agree with Susan’s comment that this is profound! What a delightful and inspiring way to start 2020. Happy New Year to you and your family and friends!

1 01 2020
Beth Lapin

It was there when I awoke the other morning and I was glad to capture it

2 01 2020
Michelle McKenzie-Voigt


6 01 2020
Beth Lapin

Thanks, Michelle

3 01 2020
Janet Mary Cobb

So true. Thanks for sharing!

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