Devil’s Hopyard SP, East Haddam CT

28 09 2021

Cooler weather has renewed my interest in hiking. Cherry and I set out to explore Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, Ct.

Recent rainfall has Chapman Falls flowing strongly

Interesting underside of road crossing
Rustic foot bridge
Eight Mile River from the covered bridge
Scenic vista from the Orange Trail
Mushrooms past their prime

Of course we had to have lunch afterwards. Two Wrasslin’ Cats was our choice. I remembered to snap a photo just before we finished!

As part of: 2021 DEEP Sky’s the Limit Challenge List



4 responses

28 09 2021


A quick response to your Devil’s Hopyard posting, to say that the photos are all very nice (the interesting subjects, the framing of the photos, the colors, etc.), and each of them, when clicked on in the main posting, open up in a separate window/tab to a full size version. It’s very nice to be able to see your photos at a larger size like that, to fully appreciate the details — the photos in some of the recent earlier posts (like, for example, the Cocaponsett one) show up as small versions in the main posting but, when clicked, don’t open up as larger, full size versions. I don’t know the difference between the ways you can upload the photos to your site, but it would be great if you use the method you used for uploading the Devil’s Hopyard photos.

Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and insights on your website — I know there’s a significant time commitment to taking the photos and then writing/assembling and posting the information. I often look back on your past entries: your hiking posts and your travel posts and your nature posts and your extensive, varied A-to-Z entries. Each one is informative and inspires us to explore our world more adventurously and insightfully.

— Alan

11 10 2021
Beth Lapin

Thanks, Alan. I have finally figured out the photo thing…

28 09 2021
Susan Scott

All so lovely Beth!

11 10 2021
Beth Lapin

I love being out there to experience it

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