Mattabesett Trail

Check out our new adventure, hiking Cockaponset State Forest! Having finished hiking the 57-mile Mattabesett Trail, we decide to tackle the trails at Cockaponset State Forest. At more than 16,000 acres, it is the second largest state forest, located in both Middlesex and New Haven counties. It is named for a Native American chief buried in Haddam. There purport to be more than 100 miles of hiking trails, although only 20 miles are officially marked by the state.

Mattabesett Trail Blog: From April 23, 2010 to October 24, 2011, Cherry Czuba and I hiked the 57-mile long Mattabesett Trail. On November 30, 2011, we celebrated the receipt of our Connecticut Forest and Park  Association patches with a dinner attended by a group of friends and family. To see blog, click Mattabesett Trail Blog

Have you hiked some or all of the Mattabesett Trail?

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2 12 2011

What a wonderful chronicle of your adventurous undertaking!

I love how it is peppered with references to flora and fauna, weather and the overall terrain of the outer world standing along side milestones, struggles, musings and achievements in your inner worlds.

Thank you for demonstrating that the best way to attain any goal is in small chunks, tackling what is reasonable at any given time, enjoying each leg of the journey and with persistence continuing to move forward.

You inspire me, and I am sure many others as well, to choose a meaningful challenge and begin to take a step. Can’t wait to hear about the next adventure.


8 12 2011
Lindsey Miller

I knew I had to finish before lunch today. I’d like to do one of those hikes. I would also like to finish it in less overall calendar time. It appeared that you two got to bond over the adventure. I did like the descriptions of the vegetation, views and animals.

Maybe, since you are a writer, you could do an entire book incorporating the details of the discussions along the way. I kept wondering when you would write about the rest of the story.

At any rate. good job. I’ll read the next one too.


23 12 2011

Lindsey, thanks for your suggestion. Next week, we are starting a new adventure–Cockaponsett State Forest!

30 12 2011
New Adventures of Beth and Cherry | Beth Lapin's Cockaponset Blog

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28 07 2012

Nobody said it was going to be easy!!!!No pain no gain just keep on walking.Grand maw says watch out for them there Bears.Maw & Paw Greer

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