A to Z (again!)

2 04 2014

HOlding Hands sunsetThe A to Z blog has begun again! Here’s the first post: ACCEPT.

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A to Z Blog Challenge: Animal Spirit Guides for a Good Life

10 03 2013

I’m taking on the A to Z Challenge again this year — Please check it out and follow: A to Z Blog Challenge: Animal Spirit Guides for a Good Life.


19 04 2012



A still, small voice was heard.



Halfway through April’s A to Z Blog Challenge

15 04 2012

I think I can, I think I can!

Halfway through April’s A to Z Blog Challenge.


14 04 2012

Meaning. Perhaps a bit intense for a Saturday morning. What do you think?


11 04 2012

Look for it today. Let me know when you find it.

Today’s A to Z Blog word:  Joy.


10 04 2012

When does I not mean I?

Check out today’s A to Z blog: Interconnection.


1 04 2012

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.

~Chinese Proverb

ImageLast night, I started water boiling for my frozen ravioli, cut open the package of pasta, and found a plastic bag to enclose what would remain after I cooked a portion for my dinner.(click for rest of Blog)