Kev Richardson interviews Beth Lapin…

20 02 2012

On the heels of publishing To Say Goodbye, Kev Richardson has interviewed me about my writing goals, styles, and quirks. Kev, a sixth generation descendant from Australia’s First Fleet, now devotes his life to writing on not only the truths of his country’s convict history and general fiction with an Australian flavour, but biographies of significant people. Read his interview with me.

The Novel Group

9 11 2011

Last week, The Novel Group had to miss its weekly meeting, because we had no power due to Storm Albert. So, today our motley crew trooped into our meeting hall, each of us with at least one story to tell about being without power or medical procedures. Or both. In fact, we were so deprived from missing our meeting, we spend the first half hour on our “I have a cat” stories.

However, we did finally get down to reviewing three submissions.  Interestingly, all  were generated by our efforts to meet the NaNoWriMo standards. National Novel Writing Month encourages writers to sit down daily for 30 days and write about 1,600 words in order to produce a 50K word novel at the month’s end. Although none of us were able to keep that schedule, we all admitted that the goal had at least jump-started us to set pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard). And two of these were brandy-new works.

We’ll see what type of pace we can continue; it’s a lofty goal. But one worth pursuing.