Hiking for Friendly’s: Portland Airline Trail and Cromwell Friendly’s

20 07 2015

June 8, 2015

Portland Airline trail CT Trails day

CT Trails Day

Cherry and I decide to hike a new stretch of the Airline Trail in Portland that was highlighted on CT Trails Day. I checked with a local volunteer about parking details, we leave one car where the trail and power line crosses Depot Hill Road, and head back to Camp Ingersoll on Route 66 to start our two-mile trek.

We have trouble finding the trail head, although we do encounter the camp’s dump for the camp and numerous ATV trails. Eventually, we find ourselves headed in the right direction, primarily under the power line. The trail isn’t bike-ready but is certainly easy for walking.

One large puddle is filled with tadpoles that we hope will mature before they run out of water. Before you know it, with talks about summer plans and our steady pace, we are at our second car. Nothing to it, we laugh.

And then we are off to Friendly’s in Cromwell. The friendly waitress aims to please. We are her first customers of the day, as it is just past 11:00AM and we want lunch. No problem for her. Coffee for Cherry, and then we decide to split the $5 burger and focus our energy on dessert. The burger comes neatly divided on two plates, with two adorable French fry holders, lined with paper napkins, each with half an order.

When it’s time to order dessert, I notice that my two favorite ice cream flavors, chocolate almond chip and pistachio, aren’t included in the menu choices for sundaes. No problem for our waitress; she cracks open a half gallon of each from the freezer. My grandmother was working in an ice cream shop when my grandfather-to-be came in for a chocolate cone. She preferred pistachio and through some interesting genetic quirk, I’ve followed this tradition even though I learned of the story much later in life.

We joke about this hike/Friendly’s connection and then get serious. We both have great memories of times at Friendly’s and decide to try out the idea of hiking near a Connecticut Friendly’s and then having lunch. Will keep you posted.



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28 07 2015
Susan Scott

I was sure I commented on this in June but maybe not! BLTN as they say in the classics. I know that I read it – maybe I deleted my own comment in error. actually I remember I did post a comment – on ice cream … yes indeed I did …

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