Housatonic Meadows State Park

16 05 2018

Housatonic Meadows 6

(Text from the DEEP website) Located in the rock-strewn valley of the Housatonic River amid the rugged hills of the northwestern uplands, Housatonic Meadows is an ideal setting for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Camping under the tall pines on the riverbank gives the overnight visitor a genuine back-to-nature feeling. The clear, cold river water also provides a fine opportunity for fly fishermen to test their skills on trout and bass. A two-mile stretch of river (including the park shore) is limited to fly fishing. In 1927 Housatonic Meadows was established as a state park.

Housatonic Meadows 1

At the trailhead

Housatonic Meadows 2

Wild Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) along the way

Housatonic Meadows 3

At the overlook of the Housatonic River Valley


Housatonic Meadows 4

A group of Yale students hiking the AT

Housatonic Meadows 5

Fellow DEEP Sky’s the Limit hiker Jim with Cherry

Gosenette 1

Followed by lunch at the Goshette

Gosenette 12

Our waitress understood my taking home our left over french fries for my neighbor’s chickens.



11 responses

16 05 2018
Beth Lapin

Reblogged this on Beth Lapin's A to Z Blog 2018 and commented:

We are halfway through the DEEP Sky’s the Limit challenge for 2018!

16 05 2018

Looks like a beautiful and fun place to explore!

16 05 2018
Beth Lapin

It was a beautiful day and fun hike!

16 05 2018

Your day looked lovely, including your lunch. You have some interesting and lovely places to explore.

16 05 2018
Beth Lapin

Gems hidden everywhere :=)

16 05 2018
Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

How lovely! A place like that always speaks to my heart. (Especially enjoyed seeing the wild columbine.)

17 05 2018
Beth Lapin

The columbine popped out in the understory — I just had to go see it!

17 05 2018
Martha Reynolds

Really nice, Beth. I loved the surprise of the columbine, too!

17 05 2018
Beth Lapin

It was a treat 🙂

25 05 2018
Deborah Weber

Looks like a very lovely place indeed Beth, and glad that you had fun.

28 05 2018
Beth Lapin

I think I have a good time any where outside!!

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