Happy Mother’s Day!

10 05 2020
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and those who had mothers 🙂
I hope that these  signs of perseverance in nature remind us that we will make it through this!
Thanks to the Middletown Recreation office for sponsoring this video:
(The mother squirrel near the end is carrying a baby from one nest site to another. Baby’s tail is wrapped around her neck, she has it firmly in her mouth, and baby is hugging her tight. Difficult to distinguish.)



7 responses

10 05 2020

Hello Beth, and Happy Mother’s Day to you too!
Thank you for this beautiful video. The photos are lovely and the theme is perfect. Perseverance is indeed what we all need right now.
Wishing you well and looking forward to getting out on the trails with others soon.

10 05 2020
Beth Lapin

Maybe kayaking soon?

11 05 2020

I can’t wait! Maybe this weekend!

10 05 2020
Miriam Falk

Beth, I enjoyed the video. Flora and (non-human) fauna are still out and about, just doing their thing! Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Love, Miriam

10 05 2020
Beth Lapin

Same to you and your family! Love photos I see of them all

10 05 2020

Lovely…thank you Beth. Ginny

10 05 2020
Beth Lapin

Thanks! It was a great mental health project! xoxo

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