Memorial Day Weekend

23 05 2020

Changing in Place cover

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer. Not quite a typical one: no parades or picnics. We are still in place.

Here is a tribute to how nature changes in place, once again in areas that are within two miles of where I am sheltering. And a tribute on this Memorial Day weekend to the memory of those we’ve lost so far and will continue to lose to our current pandemic. 

Thanks again to the Middletown Rec Office for sponsoring this video. (Music called “Where I am From“ provided by Google



4 responses

23 05 2020
Carol Corliss

What an interesting way to show that change is taking place around us all the time—nature is always giving us something new to appreciate. And I loved the background music to the video!

23 05 2020
Leslie Starr

Hi Beth,

This makes me think how nice it must be for you to be in your house in NL, near the water and the woods. See you one of these days!



23 05 2020
Cheryl Wright

Memorial weekend is going to be different for many this year. Although some things are on stand still, nature is not. Very nice video, Beth.

23 05 2020
Ellen Bernstein

Great video and music. I enjoy how you point out what happens in nature that I take for granted and dont notice. Very relaxing.xox

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