East Haddam CT Preserves: Hatch Lot and Hidden Valley

20 12 2020

HATCH LOT: an unassuming name to a very nice spot. Near the parking lot, native plants are being introduced. The ascent to the vista did cause some difficulty breathing, especially due to wearing masks. But the view of the sliver of the Connecticut River and hint of Long Island Sound were well worthwhile. We encountered some hunters within the parcel and appreciated our orange vests we were wearing, as it was not a Sunday.

HIDDEN VALLEY: a relatively short trail to a charming spot along the Moodus River. Due to recent rains, the flow was pleasantly noisy. Efforts to follow the trail on the other side of the river were hampered by proximity to neighbors.

East Haddam Preserves were visited as part of the Find the Chairs Challenge. I was grateful to discover these sites that I’d never seen in town. They were clearly identified along the road and trails were well marked.



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